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The school is conducting an online quiz “RENDEZVOUS WITH A TWIST”on the school’s official social network portal- Facebook, every Saturday from October 13, 2018 between 12.00-12.30 pm.

  • Gear up for the most enthralling online quiz ever.
  • Like our page on Facebook and Instagram and be a part of the quiz.
  • The quiz window opens every Saturday for half an hour.
  • The quiz is aimed at presenting students with new contexts so that they are able to see how much they have learned.
  • The quiz will be based on general knowledge and general awareness questions for all classes.
  • There will be up to 5 questions in each quiz. After a month the score of all the quizzes held in that month will be combined.
  • Two students who achieve the highest score will be felicitated by Madam Principal.




SPACE invites entries for the annual WSWInter-School SAT from Trash Competition” for students. School students make satellites using common trash, and participate in a friendly competition.


About the Competition: A team of students will prepare a model of satellite from trash, where trash stands for any in-expensive, discarded material with no utility.


Note: Use of any kind of batteries, electronic and electrical gadgets are prohibited.


Theme: Space Unites the World

This an outward facing theme that serves to inspire the population through putting the spotlight on the potential of space related activities in uniting the world, and creating relationships that extend beyond national borders. It highlights space missions that were celebrated by people all around the world like moon landing; concrete space projects that facilitate the union of two or more nations to achieve a common goal such as Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn, and big goals such as the Space X mission to Mars.


Number of participants in a team: Minimum 3 and maximum 5


Materials to be used / not to be used in the satellite model:


To be used Not to be used
●       Ice cream sticks

●       Aluminum Foils

●       Tooth picks

●       Tissue papers

●       Empty plastic bottles

●       Straws

●       Match boxes

●       Empty unused small boxes

●       News Papers

●       Corks

●       Any type of trash material

●       Scissors

●       Blades

●       Knives

●       Motors

●       Lights

●       Batteries

●       Electronic Gadgets

●       Electrical Gadgets

●       Any other object which is flammable or sharp



  • You can use any kind of colour or other decorating material to decorate your satellite.
  • You can use any kind of binding agent or glue to make your satellite.
  • Scissors and Cutters are allowed only for cutting purpose.






To be kept in mind during model making:

  • The model should not be a working model.
  • The model should contain all the essential parts of a satellite.
  • The students should be able explain about the model, its parts and purpose. They have room for creativity and originality too.
  • The satellite model should have a relevant name.
  • The model should not exceed the dimension of 1ft X 1ft X 1ft.
  • Replica models of famous satellites are also acceptable.

Judging Parameters:  The models will be judged on the following parameters.

  • Essential Parts of a satellite
  • Creativity
  • Presentation of model
  • Explanation about the satellite model

Photographs of satellite models as examples:








Important parts of satellites: For technical information about parts of a satellite, refer the below links: